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Geauga Renewal

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 5:44 pm
by dl1911
Went to Geauga County 5 years ago for initial CHL application and was very pleased. Got there shortly after the opened on a Tuesday morning and was out in 10 minutes. They called me on Thursday afternoon to let me know it was ready for me to pickup! Equally good service on my renewal this past week.

Got there around 10:30 on Saturday. Not quite as they opened and had a few people ahead of me. No appointments, they take people in the order they show up. Not sure why, but some are in and out in under 10 minutes while others took 15-20 minutes. Once it was my turn, I was out in 10 minutes or less. Wasn't sure but had all the paperwork filled out and renewal checked, but they didn't need any of it. He pulled my old records, gave me a form to sign, digital scanned my fingerprints, took a new picture, collected my money and I was on my way. Very nice thing he told me is that when it was ready, I could pick it up any day between 7a - 7p and not just during the CHL hours.

Today (Tuesday) they called a little after 2p to let me know it was ready for me to pickup. Went out after work and picked it up even though it was after CHL hours. No problems. Deputy asked for my name, checked my new one against the old, another signature and I was on my way.

Very good service, convenient for whenever you end up having time to run out with no appointments, everyone was pleasant. Don't see me going anywhere else in another five years.