question 8

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question 8

Postby RoadGlide » Thu Jun 17, 2021 7:25 am

10 years ago I was convicted of DV M4. (m4 being the important part per my lawyer)
I had that charge sealed about 6 years ago.
I was told by my lawyer that moving forward I could answer and treat it as it never happened.
He said if I wanted piece of mind I could request a criminal background check from the FBI.
I went through the process, was finger printed and sent in the forms. About 3 months later the response came back that no criminal record was found.
I also called BCI to request if they had anything on file for me and that also showed I was clear.

Fast forward to today, Id like to get my CHL.
Is my lawyers advice stating I can answer "no" accurate?

I know in the attorney generals handbook it states;
"The sheriff shall not consider the conviction, guilty plea, or
adjudication of an applicant’s sealed records even if those sealed
offenses would otherwise disqualify an applicant. If you have
questions about sealed criminal records, consult an attorney"

But that doesn't tell me if I should disclose the information and they cant use it or treat it as it never happened per my lawyer.
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