A sub-forum for the purpose of discussing ORC 9.68 compliance. This sub-forum is strictly for the discussion of progress in individual cities and their respective parks.

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This sub-forum is strictly for the purpose of submitting of, and status updates related to, ORC 9.68 compliance. This could mean park bans, open carry bans, or anything that is a compliance issue. Note the format in which original threads were created. We'll track each individual case here and post updates if assistance is needed, etc. You may start a new thread here to notify us of a non-compliant scenario. Please try to research contact information for each city, village, etc, Email, fax, and postal addresses are great. Digital photos of infractions (Signs) are ideal. With limited exceptions this is NOT a discussion forum.

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We've quickly discovered that practically every city will have at least one 9.68 violation, even if it's in the form of an ordinance from 1962 that nobody has been charged with in the last 15 years. OFCC could probably send a letter to every city if we looked hard enough.

With that in mind, in order to keep the workload at a dull roar we're going to prioritize what gets addressed first. During the first round we are going to be focusing on five immediate concerns:
1. CPZ signs that are posted on government property (other than schools), rather than buildings.
2. CPZ signs that are posted on government buildings that are no longer off limits under SB184 (shelters, restrooms, rest facilities, parking garages, or do not regularly have government employees present).
3. Municipal ordinances where the equivalent Carrying Concealed Weapons statute does not make any reference to concealed handgun licenses - that is, it is extremely out of date.
4. Municipal ordinances that require registration, impose restrictions on magazine sizes, create storage requirements and the like or assault weapons bans.
5. Municipal ordinances that criminalize carrying a firearm if the person would be authorized by state law. For example, open carry bans and concealed carry bans even with a license. Exception: If this is a simple parks rule violation and the city has codified the state concealed carry laws please hold these for the time being; we will get them in the second round. Exception to the exception - if reporting any immediate concern violations, please include these minor violations as well.

If you're aware of a city that only has a minor park rule or other such ordinance, please either hold off on reporting it until a call is made for the second round, or report it with a title of "<City name> - Hold for second round" Once we get notices out to the most egregious violators and/or get more people writing letters, we'll circle back and hit the lower priority ones.

As always - thanks for being the eyes and ears of the effort!!
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