Where to buy a Dillon?

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Where to buy a Dillon?

Postby jeep45238 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:53 pm

Given Dillon has the same customer support regardless who you bought from, who has the lowest price on a dillon 1050?
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Re: Where to buy a Dillon?

Postby SMMAssociates » Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:03 pm


Mike at Mastercast in Eynon Valley PA....

Not too cheap, but I seems to be lower than "direct" from Dillon.

That's where mine came from anyway. :D

Eynon Valley is about a half-hour from me, on PA51, just across the border in PA. (PA51 turns from Ohio 14 at the border.) It's just into PA.

(Google returns two "Mastercast"s. Only one's in PA.) Pet the pups (several - no waiting :D . Nice people. Mike was doing range reloads at a decent price, too, but he shut that down a while back. He doesn't stock entire presses, but can get almost anything pretty quickly, and will ship. He does stock a lot of the small parts. (Hint - Dillon sells a spare parts kit for the 650 that's handy, and may save your tail over a weekend. A couple of years ago I had to take the shell plate off of my 650, and managed to lose the huge ball bearing that acts as a detent for the shell plate. I couldn't find the fool thing, and spent a half-hour digging through the spare parts kit. 'Bout the time I found it, I realized that the bearing had landed inside the hole that's the site of the custom screw that serves as an axle for the shell plate. I had an appropriate magnet to get it out with :) ....)

And, oh yes, buy the plastic roller handle unless you're really in love wth the ball. The metal roller handle is kind of overkill. IMHO....

The above prattle is for those who might be considering Jeep's 650. My buddy Joe has one that was about 10 years old at the time. He talked me into a 650 so we could share spare parts. I haven't needed them yet, but who knows. Meantime, I really like the press.


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