9x19mm WSF Load Data

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9x19mm WSF Load Data

Postby Morne » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:16 pm

So I'm trying to use up some WSF powder I have laying around and I also need a recipe to use up some Rem 1.5 SPPs that I have. So, why not build a 9x19mm load, right?

All loaded with 115-gr Delta Precision FMJ to roughly 1.138-1.164" COAL. Chrony data, five (5) rounds per set and shot through a Sig P-320C (3.9" barrel):

5.2-grains = avg 1056 fps; ES 53

5.4-grains = avg 1092 fps; ES 78

5.6-grains = avg 1147 fps; ES 45

Meteorological data 75 F, 75% RH, 29.93" Hg

All functioned fine and cycled the gun. These all ran a bit faster than the other 9x19mm loads I've built. The 5.6-gr load is pretty close in speed to my defensive load choice which is the Speer GDHP 124-gr +P (1,126 fps).
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