DIY HiTek coatings + 6 cavity molds, 9mm

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DIY HiTek coatings + 6 cavity molds, 9mm

Postby jeep45238 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:56 pm

Looking to get some consolidated information from folks that are running 6 cavity/high production aluminum molds for 9mm (bonus points if diy coatings). Main reason is to try and create a more concise list of entry level production molds for 9mm without sifting through a million threads on casting to discover most don't report back on their accuracy/seating lengths.

I'm having to re-create 4 different loads in 9mm, but the bullets are DIY HiTek coated from Lee 358-125-RF and 358-105-SWC. Sized to .357 OD, barrels both slug at .355. Love the recoil of the 105's for games, but very, very picky on lengths. Love the 125 for high production on the press. Hate how both of them really, really slow down case-gauging on a hundo as the COAL is so much shorter than factory fmj.

Would really love to hear feedback from people running 2R and 1R bullets.
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