310-gr LSWC in .44 Magnum

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310-gr LSWC in .44 Magnum

Postby Morne » Thu Sep 05, 2019 1:57 pm

Continuing with my trend of shooting heavy bare lead loads:


74 F, 30.07" Hg, 46%RH

.44 Magnum 310-gr LSWC 1.738-1.741" COAL
Taurus M44 with 6.5" barrel

16.7-gr Ramshot Enforcer powder CCI-350LPP(m) - AVERAGE = 1061 fps - ES = 65
17.4-gr Ramshot Enforcer powder CCI-350LPP(m) - AVERAGE = 1126 fps - ES = 86
17.7-gr Ramshot Enforcer powder CCI-350LPP(m) - AVERAGE = 1131 fps - ES = 73
18.2-gr Ramshot Enforcer powder CCI-350LPP(m) - AVERAGE = 1170 fps - ES = 84

All barked with authority and rang the steel gong very well. There's not a huge difference in extreme spread amongst them. If you were to choose from one of these loads which would you go with for a hunting round? I am sure any of them would pack enough wallop for any animal east of the Mississippi.

Once I settle on one of these I will load up some more and test in other barrel lengths.
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Re: 310-gr LSWC in .44 Magnum

Postby JustaShooter » Thu Sep 05, 2019 5:36 pm

Given the similar ES numbers, I'd have to see if any of them were more accurate than the others to make the call.
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