Open Carry Dude at BGSU charged with Inciting Panic

Open Carry is carrying a firearm unconcealed in Ohio. OC does not require a concealed handgun license, but the practice requires intimate knowledge of the law since there are places and situations where OC is prohibited but carrying concealed would be permitted. OC is also likely to attract attention. This forum is for discussion of OC, not for debating the pro's and con's or coordinating any type of protest events.

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Re: Open Carry Dude at BGSU charged with Inciting Panic

Postby docachna » Tue Dec 14, 2021 5:29 pm

BB62 wrote:
Yes, the case was dismissed. I submitted a number of records requests, which as far as I'm concerned, BGSU played games with - including for video footage of the fellow walking on or near campus.

Did BGSUcks (Sorry, I went to Ohio University !!!) ever fully respond to your records requests ? If not, and if it were me, I'd push 'em to completely respond to the requests, just because I can.
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Re: Open Carry Dude at BGSU charged with Inciting Panic

Postby M-Quigley » Wed Dec 15, 2021 11:41 am

kcclark wrote:
BB62 wrote:Some 'crazy' :shock: OCers were on campus yesterday: ... strations/

Here is the pull quote IMO:

“While Ohio may be an open carry state, and it may be legal, this doesn’t mean that we need to standby and say nothing. Lest we forget, slavery and apartheid were legal as was/is state sanctioned violence. We will not stay silent. These laws are unjust and threaten our psychological and physical safety.”

Nice of BRAVE group to bring up people who were not allowed to defend themselves with firearms.

Yes, the irony is strong with this group. :roll: In addition, their comparisons are invalid and backwards. Slavery and apartheid were one group of people physically harmed or physically restricted by another group of people. If a gun carrier is not using that gun illegally then he/she/it is not harming anyone physically or restricting anyone's actions. (unless by "action" you mean rape robbery or murder) Law abiding gun owners are merely carrying the means to stop threats to their physical safety.

As far as guns threatening the groups psychological safety, that is in the eye of the beholder, as long as the gun carrier isn't doing anything threatening or menacing with the gun. (again, those are laws already on the books) I believe Col. Cooper called it "Hoblophobia", an abnormal fear of firearms.
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