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Re: Non-Resident CCW Help

Postby TSiWRX » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:55 am

[quote="ShooterInNeed"As for pushing the car, I’m not very in shape I just drive a little manual 95 mustang, it’s light enough that without the parking brake strong winds can give it a decent push.[/quote]

My 18-year-old self (and my good friend at the time, who was the same age - although he's a monster of a guy :lol: ) had to literally yank back on his 914 once we pushed it to the top of their driveway (his parents' house stood on top of a significant rise) so that it would not fly through into his mom's office at the rear of the house. :lol: I know what you mean. :wink:

I did try to retreat from him like you suggested but the parking lot I was in was up against the L of the building so it a a bit of a big corner.

Yup, there's times when The Nike Defense just doesn't work well. I wasn't sure how big of a parking lot you were in. In my mind, it was the parking lot from the opening scene in Zombieland:


^ But even then, there's other mitigating factors. Myself, for-example, I wouldn't get far. :P :lol:

I really do think that it's important to layer defenses. A bright flashlight with plenty of throw (how far it casts the light) can also be a great help in many situations (no, it's not a weapon and you should not count on it to stop a physical assault, but it can potentially help deter those assaults in the first place, and furthermore, will significantly help with your visibility in low-light situations - including when you may have to shoot), and the pepper-spray is an excellent tool for many reasons. Here's a great article by Greg Ellifritz (whose Active Response Training blog is one I would encourage you to follow; if you use FB, Like his page of the same name, and not only will you be informed of his newest articles and his awesome weekly knowledge round-up/binge, but you'll also get to review his old articles in a manner which coincides with current-events in the news), c.2014: ... -to-use-it

Don't worry about our worries. :) I really think it's a product - sadly - of the current political environment. We love all shooters, and particularly, younger shooters, as they are necessarily what our sport/hobby needs in order to sustain and grow. :)

As for the gun.....

You might have to wait to own/possess one in the manner you want/need.

But there's no rule against you seeking the necessary knowledge, now.

Go get some good training, right now, while your motivation is possibly at its highest. Even live-fire, under that same Ohio Code, you can be furnished with a handgun for legal education and sporting purposes, which includes "instruction in firearms or handgun safety, care, handling, or marksmanship under the supervision or control of a responsible adult...." And yes, there are instructors/schools who will do so - and I am sure will be more than happy to do so with you, seeing your maturity level and true interest.

Work backwards from your 21st birthday, and you can even take the Ohio-CHL Training class, so that you stand ready to file your application as soon as you can possibly do so.
Allen - Shaker Heights, Ohio
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Re: Non-Resident CCW Help

Postby gaptrick » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:14 pm

We all look forward to your post in under a year with what you got and how quick your sheriff was in getting that license into your hands....
Unarmed people are vulnerable people, and criminal predators prey upon them.


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Re: Non-Resident CCW Help

Postby pirateguy191 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:35 pm

You can also take your class before you turn 21 and be ready to go on your birthday.
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