Question about carrying in a car

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Question about carrying in a car

Postby bignazpwns » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:43 pm

I got a CPL in Michigan. I drive to Georgia alot. I been reading up on your guys law's but I would like someone's input who's lives here and has a CPL CHL.

Long drives I got a iwb holster I mounted to the side of my center console. Close to the shifter so if I ever need it I can quickly get to it. This ok in Ohio? Also AR pistol on the passenger side floor ok?
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Re: Question about carrying in a car

Postby JustaShooter » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:13 pm

As long as there aren't any unlicensed passengers in the vehicle, both of those should be OK - though, you will want to be prepared for the LEO who may not understand that an AR pistol is a handgun under Ohio law...
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Re: Question about carrying in a car

Postby expo2248 » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:38 pm

I never considered the consequences of having an unlicensed passenger in the car with a gun floating freely creating a scenario of illegal carry.

Like they told me in high school, keep it in your pants and you’ll stay out of trouble.
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Re: Question about carrying in a car

Postby welshj » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:01 am

I recently drove to Tennessee, and to florida some time back.

Both times, i drove with my .45 in a shoulder holster under my left arm.
The wife's .38 either iwb right side, or ankle holster.

This way, i did not have to store the weapons when i got out of the car.
That, and the wife didn't have to exit.

The drive to Tennessee - i checked state laws.
Kentucky and Tennessee are open carry states, so i wore the shoulder rig over my shirt and jacket.

Quicker, easier access while seated in the car.

I had one moment at a rest stop in southern ohio-

Getting out of the car at a rest stop, a state trooper had pulled in... and saw me getting out and stopped his car.
I looked straight at him, saw him checking me out.
Went in to use restroom, came out got in my car and he was pulled over past my car on the right.

Had to let my dog out, so i had to move to the end of the rest stop.
Pulled out of my parking space, drove past him to the dog area, and re-parked.
Let my dog out and walked him a bit.

Trooper pulled his vehicle behind mine blocking it as i watched my dog, 100ft? away.
With my dog done, i started walking back to my car.
He pulled off, and stopped on the side of the entrance ramp to the highway.

Get in my car, and the wife asks me "what was that all about?"
Told her my guess is he was running our plates, must have seen i had a CHL.

He never left his car, turned on his lights... nothing.
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