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By using the For Sale Forum you agree to the rules as outlined in this post. Continued use of the For Sale forum, conducting transactions, or posting here indicates acceptance of these rules which may change without notice.
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Additional Update 5 April 2011
As a courtesy for those that might be viewing your items and for your own convenience, please limit one item per thread for private party sales / trade / want-to-buys.

Updated 11/5/2008 ~ It was recently discovered that, when we upgraded the forums, we mistakenly deleted a policy post that stated the forums are for personal sales only. That rule, which has existed since January 3rd of 2006, has been added back to these rules:

By using the For Sale Forum in any manner, you agree to the following:

You agree that Ohioans For Concealed Carry's role is equivalent to a newspaper listing training classes or items available for purchase or trade and has no interest, control, or assumed liability by making this service available to the public free of charge.

You agree that, although Ohioans For Concealed Carry may delete posts from time to time, the organization's volunteer moderators and the organization shall not be held liable for failing to delete posts that later turn out to be fraudulent.

You agree that Ohioans For Concealed Carry is not responsible for the content posted to this forum and agree to hold Ohioans For Concealed Carry harmless for any fraud or losses incurred by you or others as a result of your use of these forums.

You agree that all transactions are between the posting author and the purchaser or student, regardless of which role you may play.

You agree that links to other sites (such as Gunbroker, etc) are only allowed if the item is actually For-Sale through the OFCC forums. Listing an item as available only through another site (such as an auction or reseller) will be considered a commercial ad and deleted. Including a link to your item that is listed on another forum is acceptable ONLY if the item is available for sale for a cash price.

You agree that items for sale (not for trade) must have a price listed to be considered for sale. This is not an auction site; "Make Offer" "B.O." etc are not prices, and ads that do not list a price will be warned and if not corrected, deleted.

You assume all responsibility for listing or attending training classes, conducting sales, trades, or other transactions in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws.

You agree and accept the fact that Ohioans For Concealed Carry may prohibit anyone from using this forum or delete any post with or without any reason.

You agree that all items for sale are to be listed only by private sellers and that retail/wholesale sale listings are not permitted.

You understand that these forums are to list items for sale or trade; they are not to be used for discussions not directly related to this purpose.

Commercial Sales Prohibited - These forums are not for commercial sales of merchandise. You may post personal "person to person" items to trade or sell, or wanted. However, this forum is not here for businesses to further their sales goals. If you wish to post an event that may be perceived to be commercial in nature (estate sales, gun stores going out of business) contact any moderator seeking approval to post.

If you are looking to advertise to members of these forums, please send a PM to Jeff Garvas and/or Daniel White with your request.

Should you agree to these terms you may view the For Sale or Training Classes forums. To post, you must be a registered user of Ohioans For Concealed Carry reserves the right to edit these rules and regulations at any time without further notice and to delete any post or listing at its sole discretion.

UPDATE 12/31/2012:
OFCC is beginning an official policy in the For Sale forum beginning 1/1/2013.
The official policy will be no more than one (1) "bump" per thread/day by the seller.

Sellers in violation may have their item's posting removed without notice.
The purpose behind this is for consideration to other sellers.