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Amherst Sportsman Club turkey shoots

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 1:28 pm
by ASC
Shotgun Turkey Shoots. Most shoots $2 entry/round. Food prizes to 1st & 2nd place. Cash shoots and pie charts too. Club opens at 8:30, signup starts at 9:00, first shoot starts at 10:00. Factory barrels & chokes only, minimum constriction of .660" is acceptable. Shotshells are supplied by the club. Contestants fire once at a bullseye target 100 feet away. Closest pellet hole to bullseye wins. Firing line holds 20 shooters per round. Number of rounds depends on attendance. Concessions are available, raffles for food & prizes, and 50/50. Men, women, and children (with adult supervision) are welcome. Every Sunday morning (exceptions for holidays) through 4/14/19 at the Amherst Sportsman Club located at 47980 Cooper Foster Park Rd in Amherst, OH. 440-984-3456.