Zombie Apocalypse 9 Night shoot - Pitcairn Monroeville (PA)

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Zombie Apocalypse 9 Night shoot - Pitcairn Monroeville (PA)

Postby Bruenor » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:38 am

This match was a lot of fun last year, you don't find too many night shoots, so registration for this match will fill up lightning fast. The entire match is shot in about a 3 hour window (on one of 3 days to accommodate the number of shooters), so you are humping the whole time to get things scored and reset after each shooter.. Ranges are lit for scoring, then blacked out for shooting. PMSC Action Pistol bays are on the top of a large hill / small mountain so it tends to get really cold up there once the sun sets, come prepared.

Grab your carbine, weapon light, and some ammo, cause were a hunting Zombies in the dark !!

Billy McGuire and I had thought that 2016’s zombie killing efforts were enough to end Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsmen’s club’s zombie problem for good. I’d been hearing that zombies might be hanging out down around the “Steel Paradise” bay but who cares what happens down there, right? A few days ago, though, some reports came in of zombies making their way up the road to the action pistol bays and we can’t have that. So this email is…

…Announcing Zombie Apocalypse 9 on the nights of November 9, 10, and 11!

This year’s match is going to be a little different than in past years: it had to be because no one wanted the job of match director and staff might have been kinda burned out at the end of last year’s match. And this is no reflection on last year’s shooters at all: almost everyone was a pleasure to have at the match. The match, though great, has required a lot of effort each year; as an example, in past years staff setup on a Saturday, shot the match on the nights leading up to the real match nights, then worked in the cold and sometimes rain Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and finally returned Sunday morning to disassemble the stages. Until early last week there were no plans to have a 2017 Zombie Apocalypse match. All of the changes to the match for this year are intended to A) automate the administrative side of the match as much as possible and B) cut the need for staff and their time spent on the match in half. We’re trying to standardize and automate things to where someone finds it easy to be match director in 2018 and beyond and the match is easy to staff: both of these things could help ensure that there is a zombie match every year into the future. There would not have been a 2017 Zombie Apocalypse without these changes, which include:
· Price reduced to $40

· 10” rounds in place of zombie profile target heads

· Stages that are more typical of USPSA matches, all being 30 rounds/15 targets

· Shooters meeting at 5:15pm, first shots at 5:30pm SHARP

· Staff embedded in and shooting with squads of 6 non-staff shooters per squad per night

· Pistol, pistol caliber carbine, and rifle caliber carbine divisions only

· Registration, payment, and self-squadding done through Practiscore.com (takes me mostly out of the process)

· No time spent telling someone who plinks soda cans on the regular that they can’t shoot the match because we need folks to be accustomed to USPSA and IDPA match formats; no time spent answering questions that were answered in the general rules, the body of this email, or the registration instructions; no time spent walking anyone through how to trouble-shoot their computer so that they can get it logged into Practiscore; and no time spent handling complaints or special requests

· A set of rules have been created (which will be attached to this – for your convenience, changes versus last year are underlined in the rule)

Some things will not change from 2016’s Zombie Apocalypse:
· Same “if you aren’t the person who just finished shooting or next to shoot and you aren’t downrange helping paste targets after a shooter completes the stage you are disqualified” rule will be in effect and enforced without exception

· Same requirement that shooters have significant USPSA, IDPA, or previous year PMSC zombie match experience

We do not know how many shooters will be interested in this year’s match but we do know that openings are limited to 90 (6 per squad, 5 squads per night, 3 match nights). Registration is open NOW on Practiscore.com (search for Zombie Apocalypse 9 to find it). Shooters will register, we will approve registrations, and then shooters will receive an email explaining that their registration has been approved and that they can log back onto Practiscore to pay and squad themselves. Some level of preference will be given, in the first few days of registration, to those who support USPSA and IDPA programs throughout the year. So, when you register, you will see a field for “registration screening info”. Here’s how to use that field:
· If you regularly help run a USPSA or IDPA program (including match setup helpers and match directors) please enter the name of the club that you help at, the type of program (USPSA or IDPA) and the name of the match director for that program

· If you support USPSA or IDPA programs by being a regular, paying participant at matches please provide web links to your two most recent match scores (either from USPSA.org or Practiscore.com)

· If you have supported the zombie match in 2015 or 2016 please indicate which year or years you participated

· If you occasionally shoot USPSA or IDPA matches provide web links to your two most recent match scores (either from USPSA.org or Practiscore.com)

Registrations that require individual or special attention may be ignored: as I explained we’re trying to automate things and make them as ‘touchless’ as possible. And registrations can be ignored or denied for any reason including conflicts at past zombie matches (which we’ve only had a few instances of).

Thank you!
Dan Pacella
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