BASS returning to Stonewall??

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BASS returning to Stonewall??

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It seems that Stonewalls new owner is thinking about restarting the BASS match. It's just talk now BUT if you'd like to see it return a question or comment next time you visit about BASS might move the needle.
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Re: BASS returning to Stonewall??

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new owner.. so does that mean better customer service, or any customer service at all ? gave up on them many years ago after standing in front of a register holding a bunch of gear and having the sales clerk walk past several times ignoring me. Once is maybe a fluke, 2 or three times on different visits turned it into a place I didn't bother going back to, or recommending to anyone.
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Re: BASS returning to Stonewall??

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The way I remember on this forum, Carmen was about the only one who liked that place.
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Re: BASS returning to Stonewall??

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Brian D. wrote:The way I remember on this forum, Carmen was about the only one who liked that place.
Brian, when you are that old, you don't notice much going on around you. :lol:
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