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Postby westsidedirty » Tue May 22, 2018 2:09 pm

So I have this LCP with a kydex pocket holster that comes off when you draw the gun. I carry the gun WITHOUT a round in the chamber. On occasion when I draw the weapon somehow the hammer is cocked but no round is in the chamber. It's as if the slide has been racked but no round advances in to the chamber. I bought this holster so I can carry a chambered round but this hammer issue is scaring me. What would cause this issue?
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Postby schmieg » Tue May 22, 2018 3:52 pm

Assuming there is nothing else in the pocket with the gun and holster (there should not be), it sounds like some movement your body makes causes either the pocket material to grab the hammer and cock it or, if the gun is loose in the kydex, push the gun down with part of the holster grabbing the hammer. Hammers don't cock themselves.
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Postby Mr. Glock » Tue May 22, 2018 4:11 pm

So the LCP (ie LCP 1) hammer is DAO, and will rest partially back when the gun is cocked (ie ready to fire). The bottom of the hammer should be just a hair below the line (the line that is the divide between the slide and frame). This has nothing to do with a round being in chamber per se. But, being cocked, you could fire said round by pulling the trigger at this point, the hammer continuing to move back and then fall. You could dryfire too, but only once without resetting the trigger by racking the slide.

If the gun is uncocked (ie you rack the slide and then pull the trigger without firing a round), the hammer should disappear,
being in the full up position against the slide. You can not pull the trigger (ie trigger is dead, still moves though, just doesn’t move the hammer).

Since the hammer is flush with the back of the gun, and you’d have to rack the slide to cock the gun, it seems unlikely that your holster is the issue. This is not an SA gun (like a 1911) where you can easily cock the hammer. You really could in no way cock the hammer on an uncocked gun.

Does all that make sense?
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