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ArcherAce 20/12/08 buyer positive Great deal from a good seller
OldManTod 07/01/09 seller positive Shaner (as always) is a great seller - this is the second or third transaction with him (I gotta update my others). thanks for the pistola man, its a great addition to the fam.
Fonejack54 11/01/09 buyer positive Nice guy and on time. Also, cash guy. Would deal with him anytime.
Newcomer 22/02/09 seller positive FTF meeting and transaction and all was great. Great communication all the way. Great guy to deal with. Absolutely would deal with shaner again.
William Bonney 27/02/09 buyer positive Great guy. Thanks Shane, I wish we had more time to chat. I will buy you a lunc sometime. Thanks again.
MikeB 08/03/09 trade positive A pleasure to do business with. Very pleased!
lyptix 20/03/09 seller positive Great dude. This was the fourth deal I have made with this gentleman. Always a pleasure!
OldManTod 23/03/09 buyer positive As always - of course now that I sold you what you sold me... how about if we just say I sold you something and you are going to sell it back??

Thats the way we roll - Shaner is always a great customer/seller.
revred 27/03/09 trade positive Fastest transaction I've ever had!! Highly recommended!
bwolf1115 27/03/09 trade positive Great to work with great guy all around! Hope he loves the shotgun!
makdaddy 01/04/09 buyer positive So do you live next door to the post office or what? Fastest shipping ever! Many thanks...
techmike 12/04/09 seller positive Great rifle, great price, Great seller. Thanks Shane.
jobu72 14/04/09 buyer positive bought a couple mags, fast shipping, look great, thanks!
mramsey 14/04/09 seller positive Shaners got my vote. Thank you sir.
WY_Not 14/04/09 buyer positive After a couple of starts and stops (all me and my crazy, hectic schedule), the deal was finally closed.

Package arrived today with the .45 Colt brass in it. I and my Taurus Gaucho thank you.
LibertyFarmer 25/04/09 seller positive Good sale. Shane even threw in more than he advertised.
William Bonney 08/05/09 buyer positive Thanks again Shane. Its always a pleasure working with you.
Fonejack54 10/05/09 trade neutral Another great deal with Shane! Always a pleasure.Thanks, man!!!
Fonejack54 10/05/09 trade positive OOPs!!I didn't realize default was neutral. It's always a positive experience meeting up with Shane.
BKVic 18/05/09 buyer positive Another great guy I have met through OFCC, maybe we'll do some more dealing later!:)
BKVic 20/05/09 buyer positive Great guy, enough said!
Tpikeman 22/05/09 trade positive Great Guy, very nice gun, and one heck of a good shot, nice private range Shaner.
Rubb 29/06/09 seller positive Easy to deal with, thanks shaner!!
Whirlwind06 07/08/09 seller positive Great to deal with as always.
Oxmarqt 10/08/09 seller positive Good transaction - no issues
lyptix 26/08/09 trade positive Great guy. Highly recommended!
emt118 25/10/09 seller positive easy sale,fast pay
MikeB 25/10/09 trade positive Always a pleasure to deal with!
mscott 26/10/09 trade positive Good guy to deal with. Thanks
weakhand luke 06/11/09 trade positive wheeled and dealed and came home with a great target gun! Thanks!
mscott 08/11/09 buyer positive Nice easy deal and good quality goods, as always.
mscott 08/11/09 buyer positive Shaner makes it too easy. Thanks
UPdownLoAD 09/11/09 buyer positive shaner was willing to drive quite a bit to make a deal happen!! Thanks!!
mscott 30/11/09 trade positive I don't know where he gets it all, but Shaner is the man to trade with. Thanks.
Enthusiast70 14/12/09 buyer positive Nice guy, no hassle, easy transaction.. Would not hesitate to trade with him again. He was also not upset at all that I was about a half hour late getting there.
Atilla 28/12/09 buyer positive Good guy to deal with, on time, as advertised. Very satisfied, asset to the forum as well. A++
dsk 16/01/10 seller positive Great guy, good deal, excellent communication and follow-through
Quijibo 04/02/10 seller positive Great guy to do business with, Thanks Shane!

PS... Yes, I made it out of there without buying anything. My daughter is a little miffed at me for not buying her a pink Carhartt hoodie tho...
Quijibo 16/02/10 buyer positive Shaner comes through again!
Harleys&Guns 23/02/10 seller positive awesome guy to deal with..........a real asset to the forums........Thanks for a great new Mossberg
Cozza 03/03/10 buyer neutral Fast and easy to deal with! Highly recommended!
Cozza 03/03/10 buyer positive Ooops! That was supposed to be POSITIVE!
eagle45 10/04/10 trade neutral Very easy to deal with - quick payment. Would deal with again with no hesitation. Thanks Shaner!
hershey 22/05/10 buyer positive all went well
mscott 25/05/10 seller positive Nice easy transaction as always. Shaner will treat you right. Thanks and good luck.
jhartbarger 28/05/10 buyer neutral Sold shaner some LCR CT grips and he was easy as can be to deal with.
jhartbarger 28/05/10 buyer positive Sold shaner some LCR CT grips and he was easy as can be to deal with.
Just One Shot 29/05/10 trade neutral Great guy to deal with. Item was just as described. He drove half way to make the deal. You can deal with confidence with this man.
Thanks again Shane!
Just One Shot 29/05/10 seller positive OOPS, I missed the positive button.
BaldOldWhiteGuy 29/08/10 buyer positive A nice man, easy to work with, and not to abuse a metaphor, but he was a real "straight shooter." A quick and easy deal. Thanks Shane.
11bravo 14/09/10 trade positive Good guy.Hope to do some shooting with him in the future
mscott 31/10/10 seller positive Another nice easy transaction with Shaner. They should all be this easy. Thanks
River 447 16/11/10 buyer positive Good guy, easy to deal with. Thanks.
Oxmarqt 16/11/10 seller positive Always a pleasure. Nest time leave the Steelers shirt at home!! :)
Rubb 07/01/11 buyer positive Would not hesitate to deal with again A++ for shaner
Delta-3 07/01/11 buyer positive Easy as pie! Great buyer.
SylCarry87 22/03/11 buyer positive Stand up guy. Sent before I paid and I got it fast too. Thanks
jshuck 26/03/11 seller positive Good communication, met at prescribed time and place. Nice guy! Would do business with again.
Sevens 12/05/11 seller positive Item exactly as described, easy meet-up and a nice guy, too. Would be more than happy to do another deal. 5-stars!
mscott 17/05/11 seller positive Shaner makes it way too easy. I even got a bonus item to buy this time around. Thanks
Wolverine 23/07/11 trade positive Very good guy to deal with, shows up when he says he will and items always as stated. Very smooth transaction. Good communication.
Rubb 15/08/11 trade positive It was a real pleasure Shane.
I would not hesitate to deal with you again but, YOU’RE NOT getting my last XD….lol
Deal with confidence folk’s….great guy all around!
Baron83 08/09/11 buyer positive Very fair and easy to work with. Products were shipped promptly and received in the condition expected. Would definitely deal with again.
FlyinCedar 20/11/11 trade positive Great guy to deal with, super smooth transaction. Highly recommended. Thanks Shane!
FlyinCedar 25/11/11 trade positive Once again, another great, smoooooooth deal. Do not hesitate to do business with
Rubb 03/12/11 buyer positive Mark up another great transaction with shaner.
Deal with confidence.
sfckelley 07/12/11 buyer positive Good man!
Leatherneck 10/12/11 trade positive Try this again with the positive checked
Great guy to deal with
Rubb 23/12/11 buyer positive Yet another awesome deal from Shane….go figure..:)
I highly recommend dealing with Shaner!!