Ohio Valley Outdoors Closing

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Ohio Valley Outdoors Closing

Postby redwinger » Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:52 am

Sad to say I just heard Ohio Valley Outdoors Closing. :evil: I know some will say bad things etc. There are always some. I personally never had any issues with them I didn't have with other stores. In fact less. The employees were always friendly with me. Bought a couple firearms when the deals were good. But I always like to shoot there. As a reloader I never had any issue getting most my brass back, which I cant say about other places, and I'm going to have to say like Vance Outdoor. They allowed to shoot both brass and aluminum ammo which again Vance Outdoors would not. Bought some blazer when Vance's range first opened went over to shoot and was told could not shoot it there. Only brass ammo aloud on range. Later I went to shoot with some reloads & I just bought a brass catcher (Small net) from that store. Told I could not use it.

I have to say for indoors shooting Ohio Valley had the best price. Year membership for $100 no days you couldn't shoot. No paying 1/2 price for a weekend etc.. All the other ranges are way over priced and pretty much from my experience will not give you your brass back. If there going to keep they should have to pay you for it. Its a shame there closing. I live 10 minutes from Vance Outdoors but rather drive to Lancaster to shoot.
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Re: Ohio Valley Outdoors Closing

Postby dustymedic » Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:57 am

The store was looking picked over when I was there about a month ago, so I'm not surprised to hear they are closing...
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Re: Ohio Valley Outdoors Closing

Postby randomRussianrifle » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:06 pm

That's too bad. I have a number of purchases from the old Athens and Nelsonville locations prior to their consolidation off 33 at 550; it was never quite the same after that inventory-wise. Nelsonville store was really nice prior to the bypass. They usually had good prices on ammo but the last time I was in the Athens store and the new Parkersburg store the prices were higher than elsewhere. I noticed the Parkersburg store was closed last week which I thought was odd but just figured they closed that one not the whole company.

Bridgeport Equipment has filled the hole in the Marietta area for large corp gun shop if one of the independents doesn't fill the bill.
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