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Postby evan price » Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:07 am

Paddle faster, I hear...sitars?
"20% accurate as usual, Morty."

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evan price
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Re: Deliverance

Postby M-Quigley » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:26 pm

I live way out in the sticks, so much so that one of the roads leading to my street is an unpaved road, there's no cable for tv or internet, and my part of the street didn't even have electricity or phone service until we moved there. Also the property never had a house on it, and is almost a dead zone for most cell phone providers. (will be one bar signal for most carriers depending on where you stand, or no bars) No one has ever had full bars. I've got hidden sensor alarms to detect if someone or something enters the property. Someone once suggested to me that it would be a good idea to connect the sensors to a audio player of some kind with speakers, so that when the sensors go off it plays the theme from Deliverance as a deterrent to any potential intruders. :lol:
The problem with this suggestion is almost all the visitors the sensors have detected are the four legged kind.
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Re: Deliverance

Postby Klingon00 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:51 am

That was enjoyable.

People who haven’t seen the movie tend to laugh when I say it’s actually a good film.
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Re: Deliverance

Postby schmieg » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:45 pm

Klingon00 wrote:That was enjoyable.

People who haven’t seen the movie tend to laugh when I say it’s actually a good film.

The book was even better.
-- Mike

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