Man disarms would-be church shooter, gets shot by police

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Man disarms would-be church shooter, gets shot by police

Postby High Power » Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:04 am

Just before police arrived, Tony Garces, a student at the city mission, snatched the handgun away from the would-be killer after others wrestled him to the ground.

But when Amarillo police officers arrived through two locations, Garces’ heroic move put him in unexpected danger.

“I thought it was over, but they – the cops – shot me,” Garces told the local news. “The good guys shot me.”

When officers told Garces to throw the gun down, he hesitated for fear that the gun would discharge and harm someone. Instead, he tried to put the gun on the floor – that’s when he said he was shot twice.

So when they do go into a situation they shoot the wrong guy. Mr. Graces knew more about what a gun can do when it's dropped than the cops. That's why you won't see me going INTO a place where there is shooting. I'm not a sheep nor am I a sheep-dog. I'm a porcupine.

I fear getting shot by a cop more than I do a bad guy.

Story here:
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