San Fran cops fire 65 shots, no one hit

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Re: San Fran cops fire 65 shots, no one hit

Postby JediSkipdogg » Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:46 am

High Power wrote:
schmieg wrote:
High Power wrote:So if they were to respond to a school shooting the odds would be 65-0 that they wouldn't be able to take out the gunman even if they were to enter the building.

That's another reason why I don't want to depend on a cop to protect me when I need him or her.

I recall when my late brother-in-law stopped at an accident when a woman hit a deer. The police officer showed up and took the data, but the deer was still in distress and no state rangers available. The officer pulled his service revolver to take the deer down and couldn't pull the trigger, plus was shaking so badly he would have missed anyway. Finally, he gave my brother-in-law (whom he knew) the gun and had him shoot the deer.

Not all cops are Clint Eastwood.

I've been on too many shooting ranges and watched some of them shoot. Not all of them were bad shots but most of them had me well above the concerned level. Most of them seemed either uncomfortable with their weapon or too cocky and still couldn't hit anything.

And unfortunately the state qual test is a piece of cake and only has to be taken once annually to maintain certification. Nothing says you can't retake the test 365 times and hope you just get lucky once. And you can still carry and work even if you fail as long as you pass sometime in the year. Put a requirement that if you fail you must wait 30 days to retake and not carry on duty during that time and I bet many will actually practice throughout the year.
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Re: San Fran cops fire 65 shots, no one hit

Postby High Power » Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:27 am

This thought dove-tails with arguments against raising the age limit for owning firearms but I'll say it here anyway. The kid in this video started shooting a 1911 when he was six.

You can do a YouTube search of Miko Andres and find lots of videos on his marksmanship prowess. The bottom line; this kid is impressive. If I were king, I'd let him carry in school. He could probably take out any mad gunman better than any cop or armed teacher.

To reemphasize my last statement; I'm not joking. I'd trust kids like this in school more than 99% of the armed deputies. He's more competent, confident and proficient. Most of all he is safe!

Watch the video:
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