"No firearms" sign in Gahanna at Creekside...?

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This sub-forum is strictly for the purpose of submitting of, and status updates related to, ORC 9.68 compliance. This could mean park bans, open carry bans, or anything that is a compliance issue. Note the format in which original threads were created. We'll track each individual case here and post updates if assistance is needed, etc. You may start a new thread here to notify us of a non-compliant scenario. Please try to research contact information for each city, village, etc, Email, fax, and postal addresses are great. Digital photos of infractions (Signs) are ideal. With limited exceptions this is NOT a discussion forum.


Re: "No firearms" sign in Gahanna at Creekside...?

Postby docachna » Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:48 pm

Sky Pilot wrote:If it's so dangerous a place that they have to ban the one most law abiding segment of the population, then it's far too dangerous a place for me to attend!

And there you have it................ :D
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