Adams County Fair is not allowing Conceal or open carry

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Re: Adams County Fair is not allowing Conceal or open carry

Postby MyWifeSaidYes » Thu Jul 21, 2016 2:05 pm

I also have someone in the Adams county Prosecutor's office trying to figure out who can/should/may talk to me.
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Re: Adams County Fair is not allowing Conceal or open carry

Postby WestonDon » Thu Jul 21, 2016 6:29 pm

MyWifeSaidYes wrote:Sorry for the delay. I got stuck with a lot of 3rd shift work the past week and slept my days away.

I spoke with the Adams Co. Ag. Soc. president today. She was great!

Here is the story as she has it:

They had a vendor at the fair who open carried (don't know if that was our OP or not). Someone complained about his gun and the fair board called the Sheriff. The Sheriff called the County Prosecutor who told the Sheriff that the Ag. Soc. was a private organization and the signs were allowed.

The lady I spoke with does not think they have any signage up on the gates or fence.

I don't have any pictures with which to dispute that claim.

Can someone in or near the Adams county fairgrounds roam around and through the fairgrounds and take some pictures for me?

The unidentifiable "someone" strikes again. :roll:

Thanks for all your efforts MWSY. :D
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