Red Dot/Promo recipes for .500 S&W?

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Red Dot/Promo recipes for .500 S&W?

Postby Morne » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:20 pm


So lately I've been loading up some CAS .38Spl loads that use Trail Boss. I had ALMOST forgotten how horribly this stuff meters.

So right now I have only two (2) uses for Trail Boss. Light CAS .38Spl loads and light .500 S&W loads. In fairness, with the .500 S&W loads I use a 1.9cc dipper so the metering issue isn't a big deal. Still, if I can use Red Dot/Promo instead it would be better. I have alternate CAS .38Spl loads using Promo that work great for me.

My google fu fails me in this case. Anybody know of any Red Dot/Promo data for plinking .500 S&W loads?
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Re: Red Dot/Promo recipes for .500 S&W?

Postby buckeye43210 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:55 am

Sorry, didn't see anything on or Saw some Blue Dot loads and other Alliant powders, but nothing using Red Dot or Promo.

Maybe someone with internal ballistics software can figure out a starting load for you to work up from...
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