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9x19mm Promo Load Data

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:45 pm
by Morne
So since I have this big jug of Promo just sitting around I figured I'd try loading some 9x19mm cartridges with it. Why bother messing with the pricy powders if the cheap stuff might work, right?

All loaded with CCI-500 SPP and 115-gr Delta Precision FMJ to roughly 1.152-1.169" COAL. Chrony data, five (5) rounds per set and shot through a Sig P-320C (3.9" barrel):

3.9-grains = avg 1034 fps; ES 56

4.2-grains = avg 1080 fps; ES 57

4.5-grains = avg 1107 fps; ES 10

Meteorological data 59 F, 81% RH, 30.02" Hg

That 4.5-gr loading shows a very tight ES which pleases me greatly. Although, the lightest loading is closer to the average velocity of my normal practice ammo (Armscor 124-gr LRN = 1011 fps; LAX 124-gr FMJ = 1024 fps).

Regardless, I daresay there's no reason to go messing with other powders now.

Re: 9x19mm Promo Load Data

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 5:51 pm
by Sevens
It wasn't until the Barackolypse that I finally decided to try Promo. "Save some money" I thought... and it certainly does seem like it when you are in the checkout line with an 8 lb'er. Fact is that you -do- save money with this stuff but it's still the cheapest part of the entire loaded round in handgun ammo.

Just the same, I had an 8lb'er of Promo so I was going to make use of it. And I tried it a bit in 9mm and a bit in .38 and I set to work with it in .45.

In 9mm, I barely did much... simply, I just love the 9mm load I have made for years, using Hodgdon Universal. Promo certainly seemed to work, much like it is showing you in your testing.

In .38... well, I basically HATED it. To be fair, I'm sure I could have done better had I tried harder... but I passed on it quickly.

In .45, under 230gr plated RN, it worked VERY well! It worked so well that I just cooked and cooked and cooked with it, it became THE hardball load at my bench. And two days ago after a session of 550rds of .45, I went to re-fill my one pound can and found that my 8lb'er was FINALLY empty.

I have less than a pound of Promo left. Quick calculation tells me that I have actually rolled over 10,000 rounds of .45 Hardball with Promo!

Worked well for me but honestly, I am totally addicted to Bullseye in other stuff and I buy a lot of Bullseye and Bullseye also works awesome in .45 and Promo is just not great for me anywhere EXCEPT .45, and that means after loading 11,500 rounds of .45 with Promo, my little affair with it will be over and done with, page turned. End of an era. Fond memories and no plans to buy any more of it going forward.

For other prospective users, do beware -- it isn't the easiest metering powder ever.

Now... did I save money by using Promo? Well of course I did, but consider that all else being equal (meaning shopping from the same place and in the same era, not comparing prices from 2008 from different stores, etc) Promo will save you maybe $35-$60 for that 8-lb jug.

If I did the math correctly (I did it quickly...) then using Promo saved me roughly 3.83 cents per 50-rd box.
Hahahaha... wow.

Re: 9x19mm Promo Load Data

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2016 10:56 pm
by Morne
I made a spreadsheet with all my powder preferences on it. Red Dot/Promo is high on the list for many calibers.

Bullseye is either a secondary or tertiary choice for .38 Spl, .44 Spl and .45 ACP.

Trail Boss is primary for both cowboy loads and S&W .500 light target loads.

Lil' Gun is my go to magnum powder plus .300 AAC BLK and .50 Beo.

W-231 is only primary for one caliber (.38 Spl) but is a viable alternate for 3 other chamberings.

My only true rifle powder is H-335 for .223 Rem.

Thus, I think I'd rather stock W-231 than Bullseye.

Re: 9x19mm Promo Load Data

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:32 pm
by Sevens
Folks that use W231 absolutely love it, I'm pretty sure that I would also lobe it but I have never used it, and since I have used Bullseye since 1989, I've simply never found a solid reason to try W231. The two powders run in very similar circles. If I had W231 and no Bullseye, I would just as likely never purchase any Bullseye.

I use Bullseye in .38 and though I have tried countless powders in .38, I always come back to Bullseye. And it's the only powder I use for Model 52 food. Next up, it's going to be my go-to propellent for all of my .45 Auto ammo. Promo was good to me but I am turning the page.

Also have heard good things about Ramshot powders, but have never tried one. Pretty sure that I have the entire possible handgun range covered when it comes to powders in my cache.