Review: 2016 Low Light In/Around Structures - Nov 5

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Review: 2016 Low Light In/Around Structures - Nov 5

Postby Aesinsp » Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:05 pm

This training was held at:
Sly Tac Training Concepts
2535 Wilson Rd
Fredericktown, OH 43019

This was sponsored by BFA, the Buckeye Firearms Association.

Highlights of the training: this was a low-light(flashlight use training)over 1 day(noon-9pm, although originally scheduled until 8 pm.). It was attended by approximately 24 participants.

This training was for CHL equipped people, with a focus on safety, safety, safety, trigger/muzzle discipline.

After signing the obligatory waiver/liability release forms we had some 'class room' time, probably under an hour. Some of the things discussed were, the instructor's backgrounds, some information about the course and what we could expect, various flashlight types, various flashlight use/holding techniques(neck index, FBI, Harries Technique, Graham technique to name a few), drawing from holster, transitioning R to L hand & back with flashlight, reloading(magazine swap)in the middle of drills with flashlight & gun in hand and one handed and two handed shooting with flashlight use. This was the 1st class of civilian participants for this course, previously taught to police, military and more recently - firefighters.

In total, I shot between 200-250 rounds anywhere from 1 round at a time per draw up to 8 rounds per draw on 3 different ranges. Roughly 90% was done shooting one handed with a flashlight in the other hand, mostly strong handed shooting, some with other strong hand ( there are no weak hands), and sometimes shooters choice.

There was standing still shooting at torso outline targets, center mass, head and pelvic area focused shooting, anywhere from 3-20(?) yards. We also went thru clearing of a structure..(shoot house) but no live shooting there for at least my group due to time.
After dark, we shot two ranges - 1) the qualifying range we'd used earlier for some static, distance specific shooting 2) over/around cars/trucks, through a windshield, at a few steel targets, a couple b/g with hostage targets.

The facilities were a little primitive(electric via a generator & one port a john between 30-40(?) mostly men shooters/instructors).

A well rounded training for 150$, similar to HANDGUN I-III I took at TDI in 2012, obviously more condensed and with the added flashlight component. I would definitely consider another course at Sly Tac in the future.

(ps I did spend longer on this write up than it appears.. but my timing of saving the draft and timing out of my login cost me a good bit of that :oops: . Just my two cents - if you've not had training beyond the CHL class, find a training opportunity and go for it. Don't wait x weeks/months for a buddy to sign up with or your spouse to be on board, get busy, gain some skill and confidence that might just save you or your loved ones someday, and brush up on the skills you've learned regularly). Thanks for reading, now back to my honey-do list. God bless America.
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Thank you for sharing your experience, strength, hope and/or thoughts.
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Re: Review: 2016 Low Light In/Around Structures - Nov 5

Postby TSiWRX » Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:12 pm

^ Nice! Thanks for the write-up!
Allen - Shaker Heights, Ohio
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Re: Review: 2016 Low Light In/Around Structures - Nov 5

Postby pk47 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:11 am

I was at the class as well, and generally agree with the above observations.

I would add that we had the choice of several flashlight positions, and since we were told none is "the best" we had the opportunity to try several and see how they worked. One good lesson is that one position for flashlight handling isn't suitable for every tactical position and shoot. Learn to adjust and maneuver like it's second nature.

The basic drills we did were good, and similar to TDI type training. However, the class was constrained by being one day and ending around 8:30pm. This limited the amount of dark time we had for shooting and some of the class value. Another 3 hours of dark time is really needed to practice more.

The other lesson from the class is that you simply have to become proficient at 1 hand shooting if you are going to use a flashlight. I probably practice one handed 10% of the time, maybe. That needs to be much higher. I think 40-50% is the better number, with both hands. Dry firing at home can help with practice time as well.

Overall class rating: 7 out of 10 (good)
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