"Lessons" from Roy Rogers..

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"Lessons" from Roy Rogers..

Postby Brian D. » Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:38 am

You know how the ignorant/willfully ignorant are still, to this day, asking questions such as " Why didn't the cops just shoot that guy in the leg?" etc.? Sure gets annoying.

Watching an episode of Roy Rogers this morning got me thinking, albeit in a whimsical way. The plot (the whole series had maybe 5-6 different plots, with details shuffled around a bit) had Roy and his wife defending a friend's house, and the kids who lived there., from bad guys that might show up. And sure enough a trio of them did.

They challenged Roy, knowing who he was, and his reputation. The lead baddie started to draw, but Roy cleared leather first and shot the gun out of the BG's hand. Villains then jumped behind bolders and continued to fight. This got two of the three bullets in the shoulder; at that point they finally had sense enough to mount up and leave. Also, by then Roy's wife Dale had secured the kids in a hidden basement and come upstairs to help out, gun in hand. From previous episodes, I've observed that Dale hits a little more center mass, those she shoots don't tend to be in later scenes so much.

Later in this story, Dale did arrive a little more promptly and distracted another henchman who had gotten the drop on her husband.

Somewhere in these episodes there are always a couple decent takeaways re tactics, but mostly good citizenship. I will say that as a bad guy, if somebody with Roy's reputation beat my draw and then deliberately shot the gun out of my hand, I'd find somewhere else to be, and probably a different line of work. :wink:
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Re: "Lessons" from Roy Rogers..

Postby carmen fovozzo » Sun Jul 03, 2016 7:46 am

Happy Trails...my friend...

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Re: "Lessons" from Roy Rogers..

Postby walnut red » Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:55 am

Shooting someone in the hand or shoulder during that time period may have actually been a subtle example of cruelty. Given the medical techniques of the day at best the result would have been a crippled hand or shoulder, at worse an amputation. Maybe Dale was showing her kindness by shooting SoM.
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