New Colt Cobra

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New Colt Cobra

Postby Morne » Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:30 am

So my birthday was recently and I got one of the new Colt Cobra revolvers for the occasion. Just put over 200 rounds through it and thought I'd put the review up for everyone else.

The fiber optic front sight is excellent. Most snubby revolvers barely have a sight worth discussing, notable exception being the Ruger LCR (mine has the XS big dot night sight). The fiber optic sight allows you to get some real accuracy. It requires you to cover up your point of aim rather than the old "pumpkin on a post" site picture but once you get used to that you can ring steel at 25 feet without any problem.

The trigger is good. It's smooth and easily staged. Double action accuracy with either strong or weak hand is thus also easy to achieve. Single action is naturally very good as is true with most revolvers.

Colts rotate clockwise (as seen from the back) and the cylinder release pulls to the rear to open. That's backwards from the S&W standard so if you're used to that it'll seem odd. The first revolver I ever shot was an old Colt Army Special so it was no big deal to me.

I only had one failure to fire and it was with 1 of 82 handloads I had with CCI-500 SPPs. A second hit on that primer ignited it so maybe I just didn't seat that one perfectly. Who knows. Every other round lit off fine, including over 100 with WSPs.

The chambers must be a bit tighter than most of my other .38SPL revolvers because a few of my handloaded rounds had to be coaxed in. Admittedly I use a pretty aggressive crimp but I guess I'll need to back that off a touch now that I am loading for this gun, too. They all went in, though, so it isn't a deal breaker.

The only self-defense ammo I tried was Remington Golden Saber 125-gr BJHPs. The recoil and report was much more stiff than the handloaded practice rounds. Extraction on them was all very slick, though, so that wasn't a worry.

All in all it is a good gun. I would like to try it with some other defensive ammo like Speer SBGDHPs and the like. I'd also like to try using speedloaders and speed strips for rapid loading and see how that works. Lastly, I need to get a holster for this and practice drawing it. Provided all that works well it might get into my carry rotation.
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Re: New Colt Cobra

Postby Brian D. » Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:02 pm

Was going to ask about speedloaders; hopefully those dimensions haven't changed from the original D frame specs.
For most carry or competition revolvers I ever owned, found that a bit of chamber polishing was useful. Nothing too abrasive, just enough to make those inner walls smoooth.
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Re: New Colt Cobra

Postby techmike » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:27 pm

Morne wrote:So my birthday was recently and I got one of the new Colt Cobra revolvers for the occasion. Just put over 200 rounds through it and thought I'd put the review up for everyone else.

No pictures?? :shock:
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